Bauichivo, Cerocahui & Urique Tours

urique lookout point

Urique Lookout Point

There are more available tours in this area, this is a list of the most popular destinations. We can arrange any type of specialty tour in this area, just let us know.

Scenic Hiking in Cerocahui

cerocahui waterfallHike to Cerocahui Waterfall

Experience a 5 mile round trip (moderate-difficult) hike along the river a box canyon with the scenic Cerocahui Waterfall. Swimming allowed in the summers.

Hike to “Sangre de Cristo” Gold Mine

Experience a 3 1/2 mile round trip (moderate-difficult) hike up to the old “Sangre de Cristo” mine. There is plenty of beautiful scenes to see along the way.

Hike to “Las Cascaditas” Waterfall

Experience a 2 mile round trip (moderate) hike up to “Las Cascaditas” Waterfall. Pass trough an old saw mill, some Tarahumara Ranches and an old cemetery.


Horses_Xing_uqeHorse Back Riding

Horse back riding Tours & Expeditions. For less experience to experienced riders, there is a short but pleasurable 5 mile ride along the river to the scenic Cerocahui waterfall. And for the real outdoors adventurers, we feature full 3-7 day expedition for for groups of 2 and up to 12 riders along with a knowledgeable bilingual guide, a cook, a stable hand or more depending on the size of the group and of course all the needed supplies for your group enjoyment of this unforgettable old school western riding adventures.


Urique-3Drive to Urique Canyon Lookout point

Driven Guided Tour (3:30 hrs)

One of the most amazing views of the canyons available to tourist. Standing 7,500 feet high look down at the town of Urique. this is the deepest point of the canyons.

On the way we stop at a cave inhabited by a Tarahumaras that’s serves as a tourist shop for their village’s hand made baskets hats and alike. Nearby is a small natural water fall which supplies the village with fresh waster year round.



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