El Fuerte Day Trips

Day trips with with bilingual tour guide. Available to the historic colonial cities of Alamos and Cosala, and day trip to topolobampo and Mochis.

Day Trip to Topolobampo and Mochis with Dolphins and Seals Encounters


Topolobampo Bay, Bird Island & Dolphin Encounter, Yacht Cruise & Los Mochis City Tour.
Travel the historic bay of Topolobampo, founded by American settlers came in the 1800s with the idea establishinga utopian socialist community.

Check the Yacht Club and enjoy a relaxing two-hour cruise aboard one of our 42 feet safe and comfortable yachts.

The captain will take you close to the dolphins that abound in the bay and playing near the boat. Then you will cruise around Bird Island and see hundreds of birds of different species, and closer to the wild nature.

Upon returning to the dock, your guide will take
you on a picturesque 2 hrs. tour of the city of Los Mochis, founded a century ago by the American pioneer Benjamin Johnston, who began planting sugarcane and the construction of a sugar empire. Over the years this area has become the most productive agricultural region of Mexico.
The experience of watching birds and seals on the Farallon rock nature sanctuary.

The Farallon Rock is an island in the clear blue waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez, where one of our 42-foot yachts will tell you that early in the morning, [07 to. m.], Embarking on Topolobampo Bay, 20 minutes from Los Mochis.

This magnificent two-hour cruise that
be in an ecosystem in the ocean, where you can see different kinds of birds and approaching hundreds of sea lions in their natural habitat. Swimming and snorkeling on the island is a real experience.

In the winter season, it is common to see whales migrating from the North Sea waters more template. We suggest you reserve a box lunch and beverages on departure day before.


Excursions and tours with bilingual tour guide of the historic colonial cities and some of the most beautiful beaches of Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico

Take a day trip to your choice of Alamos, Sonora or Cosalá, Sinaloa, similar to El Fuerte, these are “Magical Towns”. These beautiful historic colonial towns are classified as Magical Towns to promote and preserve their heritage. Definitely worth the trip!

Colonial City of Alamos


Guided tour with bilingual tour guide of the historic colonial town of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

Alamos is located in the southern part of the Sierra de Sonora, about 50 miles east of Navojoa, this settlement was founded as a silver mining town in the 1680s. It is considered a colonial jewel intact architecture and is also known as the “City of Doors”. The atmosphere of the city is full of history. The church in the center of the town square, the Chapel of Zapopan, the pavilion, the gazebo, the cemetery, the government palace in the city, the old jail, and the main square are just some of the places that have helped shape the Mexico of today.

Colonial City of Cosala


Guided tour with a bilingual tour guide of the historic colonial city of Cosala, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Cosalá is located 155 km from the state capital of Culiacán. The Royal of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, shortened its name to the Royales Cosalá Mine is the municipal mombre and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in the state, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere that seems as if in a storybook. As if history had stopped at the time of the Spaniards. Every little street is a delight. One might want to stay at least a couple of days Cosala. Something in the air inspires romance, an ideal place for lovers.


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