Copper Canyon Trifecta Tour

el chepe puente

Copper Canyon “Trifecta” Tour by Motor Coach, Rail way and Cable-way

A 7 day trip through the Copper Canyon is really a must for all passionate travelers. The Copper Canyon is awesome all year, but from late September to late January, after the rainy season we have magnificent vegetation and mild climate.

trifecta tour

I   T   I   N   E   R   A   R   Y

Day 1 – San Carlos (incl. lunch, dinner)

Departure from Phoenix or Tucson and across the border into Mexico through Nogales. Brunch in Santa Ana and on to Hermosillo to visit the Cathedral and the Government Palace. Here, you will see famous murals depicting the history of the State of Sonora. Arrival in San Carlos in the evening and check in to the beautiful beachfront Hotel Marina Terra.


Day 2 – Alamos (incl. all meals)

Start the day with a trip on the Sea of ​​Cortez, followed by ample time for shopping. Return to hotel for lunch before leaving for Alamos, traveled through large agricultural area of Mexico. In Alamos, enjoy a folklore show before proceding to the beautiful House of Treasures and Casa Encantada.


Day 3 – El Fuerte (incl. all meals)

Take a guided walking tour through the cobbled streets of Alamos – a National Historic Site – to see the splendid historic mansions. Return to hotel for lunch, then depart for El Fuerte. Meet the Torres family at Hacienda brilliantly restored, and enjoy a wonderful evening of dinner and entertainment at Hotel Torres del Fuerte.


Day 4 – Copper Canyon of Mexico (incl. all meals)

Board the train, El Chepe early morning at 7:30 am to travel by train through the Copper Canyon. Traveling by EL Chepe is the most spectacular train ride in North America. Arrive at the Posada Barrancas afternoon and Register in the Hotel Posada Barrancas Mirador for a two night stay.


Day 5 – Canyon tram, sites and attractions (incl. all meals)

Spend the morning through the arts and crafts of the Tarahumara Indians, then enjoy the splendor of nature in Urique Canyon. After lunch aboard the new Tram through the canon and descend into the canyon for a view that few have seen. Later, participating in optional activities such as hiking and horseback riding, or just relax at the San Isidro Lodge.


Day 6 – Casas Grandes (incl. all meals)

After breakfast, drive through the town of Knolls Canyon Creel. Visit Guerrero for lunch before descending the mountains to Chihuahuan Desert and the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes. Tonight, enjoy a farewell dinner and a presentation of the ceramic artist Mata Ortiz.



Back in Phoenix

Day 7 – Departure (including, breakfast, lunch)

Visit Paquimé, an archaeological site of ancient pyramids and massive multi-storey apartments. Then travel across the plains and cattle country of Chihuahua before reentering the United States in Douglas, Arizona. Arrive in Phoenix at approximately 7:00 pm.



Copper Canyon Mexico

2014 Travel Dates:

  • September 7, 14, 21, 28
  • October 5, 12, 19, 26
  • November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • December 7, 14

Price per person:
Only $ 1650 | Double $ 1350 (dollars)


Tour Highlights: Hermosillo, San Carlos on the Sea of Cortez, House of Treasures and Casa Encantada in Alamos Town, Hotel Torres del Fuerte in El Fuerte, Copper Canyon scenic El Chepe, Mansion Tarahumara in Posada Barrancas and the Cable Car , Nuevo Casas Grandes and Paquimé:


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