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Largemouth bass fishing in El Fuerte Lakes / Dam

el fuerte fishing

Looking to catch your own dinner? … let’s go fishing for some Largemouth bass in one of the beautiful lakes/dams near El Fuerte! Your guide will let you know that the lake is the best at this time, and provide all equipment for this sport.bass species

We have three large lakes near El Fuerte. 5 minutes drive is Lake Dominguez, 15 minutes drive is Lake Hidalgo, and an hour and a half drive is Lake Huites deep into the foothills of the Sierra Madre.

For over two decades, Mexico has been a popular destination for America bass fishermen in search of schools of trophy largemouth bass.
In the past four years, one of the locations combined has proved a winner, Lake Domínguez Hidalgo lake and the lake Huites emerged as a power in the world of fishing. (If one is not biting, move to the next.) These bass have taken a liking to the mountainous climate, long growing season and abundant protein-rich tilapia and shad diet and are growing at a rapid pace.

When conditions are suitable, qualified fishermen are catching more than 75 on one day and 10 trophies, plus the pound are caught with great regularity.el fuerte fishing


Dove Hunting Expedition from El Fuerte

elfuerte huntingWhite Wing Dove, Mourning Dove, doves and quail

The hunts are pff of El Fuerte, Sinaloa is one of the most exciting experiences one can have. Skip to shoot from the fields of small grains, sorghum and corn stover.

Local farmers Plants for Milo and sesame seeds for use as pasture or for harvest. Both these grains are part of the preferred diet of Doves. Shortly after the first sets of cold weather in the north of the Dove migrate to Mexico for their winter stay. The numbers are amazing. Many hunters do not have singles find much easier just count their double plays.

dove hunting el fuerte

An experience guide is provided for each group of hunters and each hunter has his own child to collect bird. A refrigerator is shipped with each hunter for refreshments. Hunters who wish to take birds home can. To a lesser burden of age, his boys bird cleaned and pack your birds for shipment. We can freeze your birds for easy carrying. If you want to take your birds home you should bring a cooler with you or you can buy one locally. Please note that the Styrofoam coolers are not permitted to transport airlines.

sea of cortez fishDeep Sea Fishing Excursion in the Sea of Cortez

Come aboard a fishing yacht for a wonderful fishing trip leaving from Topolobampo Bay. This magnificent cruise is fishing for game fish with lines set for trolling offshore. Fishing species include marlin, sailfish, snook and red snapper.

Marlin fishing is done in the Sea of Cortez, with boats departing from Topolobampo Bay, and includes sports yachts and all fishing equipped with a professional team.

Snook and snapper are caught around the inlets of the bay formed at the mouth of the river El Fuerte and the Gulf of California.






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