El Fuerte Tours


Local Guided Tours around the city, El rio Fuerte and Ancient Petroglyph, observation of tropical birds, Lots to do in El Fuerte.


El Fueel fuerte plaza centralrte City Tour

Walking with Guide (1:30 hrs)

Discover the historical and cultural aspects of El Fuerte, Sinaloa. From the majestic El Fuerte River to colonial buildings, streets and alleys, hallways legendary. Discover from the rich colonial history, battles between the conqueror and the Mayo Indians, culture, religion, indigenous rituals Yoremes, architectural masterpieces that adorn this magical town.


PetroglyphPetroglyph and River Cruise

Flora & Fauna / Petroglyph (2:00 hrs)

Experience this great river and its diversity of birds, lush rainforest in the calm waters of the El Fuerte River cruise, find an oasis of flora and fauna. A relaxed and beautiful experience as well as a visit to the ancient Nahuatl Petroglyphs. This tour can be scheduled for any time of day every day.



Bird Observation / petroglyphs

Flora & Fauna / Petroglyph (5:00 hrs)

Birdwatching in endemic areas where two combine to form an ecological habitat for some species of unique birds. El Fuerte is in the areas of endemic birds of the Pacific northwest slope has a prominent tropical dry forest mostly deciduous thorn forest, and tropical coastal habitat “Rio del Fuerte” river.


Templo_AntiguoDrive out to Mission Tehueco

Mission Drive (3:00 hrs)

Mayo Indian Mission Mayo, about 1 hour away. It is the center of religious festivals of Mayo. Tehueco was founded in 1864 and the mission church was built in 1650. The current structure next to the ruins was built in 1811. You can also visit the old mayan village of Capomos.







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